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What a great movie. Although I guess some people won't watch it now, as the bad guy really is a bad guy.

This post makes it a seven-day streak. But this post is really a placeholder. I've got back from Yorkshire and visiting my Mum. Wait, I can share my posting process — like I've seen other people do.

Well, I'm lazy. I started out on the portal, then linked it to GitHub, as I thought I'd use that to update my weblog. Now I'm back on — because it's easier. I can post from my phone on the loo, I can post on my Mac, Ubuntu VM, or work PC.

I've also moved to Firefox everywhere. I'd been browsing for a new Browser, Edge, Arc, Safari, and back to Firefox. Mainly because of Ubuntu, and Arc upsetting me.

I start all my posts with these settings:

Date: 2024-05-07 05:47
Tags: 2024, WeblogPoMo2024
Status: Draft

Write using LanguageTool, save, check the draft, then delete the Status: Draft line. I wait for EchoFeed to do its job, then edit the post to have a Friends episode style summary.


7 day streak — an image I found from a game that I found in an image search. Anyone know?


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