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Today was always going to be my hardest blog post.

Spending the time with my Mum, Brother’s family, my Wife, and Daughter.

I went to Church to support my Mum. Enjoyed the kindness and love shared there. Am I sad that ‘God’ offers me no solace? No, because they are helping my Mum. So I give thanks for that organisation being there.

But personally, I’d like to thank Mastodon. I need to find a new job. I used no hashtag — just posted an status message saying I was looking. It is the most boosted and liked post I’ve ever had. From complete strangers. That is very humbling — and I hope somehow it will help me into my next role.

Thank you.

My daughter’s hands making a heart in front of an ocean view. The sun is glowing in the centre of the heart.❤️


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