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Now, if you're a specific kind of reader you might have a feeling that you need to contact me about the title of my weblog. Let me stop you from typing, "bla bla missing an apostrophe bla bla". You see, my blog is named after my username. Yes, it's Phils. So this is Phils weblog. Not Phil's weblog.

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Employee surveys. Large companies think that, "Listening to their employees", is important. The problem is that sometimes what an employee's saying isn't something they want to hear — or really address.

I've just completed an anonymous employee survey with very brutally honest answers. Like telling...



Hamilton Live. I'm lucky enough to live near Bristol and could afford to get tickets to see Hamilton at the Hippodrome. I'd heard lots about it on my podcasts. Then watched it as soon as it was available on Disney+. Not only that, I...



It's my weekend, and I've fallen off the wagon. I walked the dogs to Lovett or Leave It and the Flop House. It showed me just how much less attention I have when I'm plugged in. I keep on walking past the dogs, whereas...


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