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Now, if you're a specific kind of reader you might have a feeling that you need to contact me about the title of my weblog. Let me stop you from typing, "bla bla missing an apostrophe bla bla". You see, my blog is named after my username. Yes, it's Phils. So this is Phils weblog. Not Phil's weblog.

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This is the latest in the day that I've posted for #WeblogPoMo2024. I've fallen off the dog walking with bare ears for the last two days. Connected yesterday and ATP today. I really wanted to hear what the boys had to say about Copilot+PCs.




Procrastination. I make fun of my Wife and Daughter when they procrastinate on doing something. I call them the ‘pro-cras-ti-nator’ and do a little robot dance. 

I've read things online that say that it's about a fear of failure, or lack of immediate threat. I'm...



We've been having some unseasonal sunshine here in the UK. Today we got back to more of what I'm used to. Nice warm consistent drizzle.  I've got better at not plugging in before I set off dog walking. Today's interesting side effect of walking bare...


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