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Well, I've been unlucky enough (1 in 3 people will suffer from this supposedly) to have Shingles.

I wanted to capture what happened so that if people search they might see how to make things better for themselves (hopefully).

It started for me with sensitive skin. It felt like I had bad sunburn, it started as a patch on my back, and began moving around the trunk of my body. It made it all the way to my belly button before any rash started to appear.

I had called my Doctor and he though it could be Shingles, but until a rash appeared he couldn't be sure. That night small spots started to appear, the next morning they started to get redder and join together.

I called again and was prescribed Aciclovir. I started taking the 5 tables a day right away. Over the next few days the rash formed blisters, itching became an issue. However, no new spots or rashes appeared. Within 3 days of taking the medication the rash became less red and angry, and actively began to reduce in size.

I've been more exhausted and tired, but not ill enough to need to stop working.

Hope this helps someone, the key is to get on the anti-virals as soon as possible to reduce the size and serious enough of the rash and scaring.