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Why do I really enjoy watching Eurovision? Why do some of my male friends think this says something about my sexuality? Are they so insecure in their own, that watching hot naked male gyration might make them feel something? 

I truly enjoyed the show, sad that Israel was allowed to compete. Especially when their song was so political before the lyric change. Delighted so many people talked about love and peace to try to combat the hatred. I was shocked that the UK gave 12 points to their song — as I didn't think she sang it particularly well. Her staging was boring too. 

But that wasn’t the main surprise. The staging for so many acts was spectacular. Sweden did an outstanding job, and showed off how good the stage was with their own song to kick it off. My favourite song was Croatia's — rum tug tugerrr. I didn't enjoy the Irish Bambi. I was good with the winner. They sang really well, it had a great hook, and wow their stage craft. They broke the code, the scoreboard, and their trophy!

DALL-E image of a smashed Eurovision trophy.


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