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I have a problem. All the work I've done for Microsoft isn't attributed. I have the source Markdown in my forks of the Learn repo (which I'll lose access to when I leave my current job). But all the work is under embargo and no author names are included on published modules. So people and companies have to trust me when I link to the modules that I've written.

When I'm being asked for writing samples, these problems make it difficult for me. I'm not sure if I should link to this blog. As it doesn't reflect the technical writing I do. It's more of a public diary of thoughts and feelings.

Well, I have a second round interview — so I guess we'll see if what I submit is enough. Wish me luck.

DALL-E 3 generated image. The prompt was "Can you make me a cartoon sketch for a blog post about struggling to find a good way to give someone a writing sample?". It's a man holding pens in both hands with lots of papers flying around his head.


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