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Watching Snooker with my Mum made me think about culture and other things. The competition is called the World Snooker Championship. There are people from all over the world who compete — but most are from the UK. There’s a certain American sport labelled as World too — but only American teams really play in it.

What does it say about a sport that they need to make it appear bigger than it is?

However, I’d love to sit with an American and watch them, watch Snooker. As an example of how British it is, last night the referee stopped play. They stopped it because someone in the crowd was being too loud. They threatened to have them removed from the building. The person shut up, and apologised.

Watching a game of snooker for me is like a meditation. It’s quiet, focused, and my mind just becomes the ball. If you’ve not tried it you should. If you think it sounds boring. It is. Being bored is a very rare thing in our hyper connected lives. Embrace the boredom.

[PS: The actually final was anything but boring.]

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