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I'm trying something different today. Writing into the iOS LanguageTool app. It doesn't officially support Markdown — but that's the great thing about Markdown. It's just plain text, so it is supported.

Today I'll share my coffee making tools. I've been a fan of AeroPress for years.

Step one. A photograph of a kitchen counter top. There's a Yeti cup, topped with an AeroPress, and then a circular plastic container filled with whole coffee beans. Next to it is a jar of whole coffee beans and a spoon.

I then tried ground coffee from the supermarket, coffee subscriptions, and currently I get whole beans in the post. The cool trick I have to share with you is my battery powered burr grinder.

Step two. Showing a coffee cup, AeroPress now topped with an electric burr grinder. It's grinding the whole beans because there's a blue ring shinning on top.

It just sits perfectly on top of the AeroPress, hit the button, and boom freshly ground coffee straight into my massive cup.

Step three. A close up shot of a hot cup of Joe.


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